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About SkyNet Communications

SkyNet Communications was founded in Pikeville Kentucky in January of 2012. 


Longtime Residents of the area themselves, the founders of SkyNet Communications saw the urgent need for an alternative internet service provider!


We are a 100% locally owned and operated company and we take pride in this.  In fact, when you call or email us, your call is sent to a local office with local people not some call center.



What we provide:


SkyNet Communications provides high speed fixed wireless internet access via wireless spectrum from ground based towers similar to LTE cellular technology. We currently serve the areas of Downtown Pikeville, Coalrun Village, and Marrowbone Creek Road.


We offer both Residential and Business Services and all of our packages are unlimited data use and have no plans on changing that policy!





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Tel: 1-877-596-1853

132 Coleman Road

Elkhorn City, KY  41522

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